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Grow your online sales with guaranteed results with our Google Certified PPC team!

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Why are we different?

 We are all about results. We put the ‘performance’ in performance marketing. Our services are aimed at driving sustainable growth for brands of all sizes. Here are some of our focus areas. 

Why are we different?

 We are all about results. We put the ‘performance’ in performance marketing. Our services are aimed at driving sustainable growth for brands of all sizes. Here are some of our focus areas. 

Instant Results

Enjoy the ability to be able to have an instant online presence. Unlike SEO and social media advertising, PPC showcases instant results for business and individuals alike. Reach out to your targeted audience within a matter of seconds, while boosting your website traffic many fold.

Robust Adwords Structure

We build your Adwords campaigns right from scratch. This way, we can make sure each keyword and ad groups are targeted the today’s spent out PPC market. Get the maximum value out of each click, each impression and engagement; this way your paid ads bring in the right customers, always.

Landing Page Optimization

Your company’s paid ads are the first impression any user will have of your brand, which means the landing page will be the first page they reach once they click on your ad. Since users look for transparency, authenticity, and trust, it’s imperative to build a sales pitch right within your landing pages to delight your customers at every step.

Display Advertising

Get rid of blind optimizations; instead, usher in strong strategies built on a platform of strong hypotheses and well defined starting points. From detailed on site optimizations to technical backend coding, we believe in creating accurate baselines for your business’s display ads.

Remarketing Ads

There are many ways to regenerate the leads your business receives through PPC. Some marketing firms let them go waste; on the contrary, we don’t. By developing segmented campaigns, we target the different nuances of your campaigns, to ensure all visitors or low-level leads convert into valuable clients for your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We know how to leverage your website content, by ushering in innovative strategies. Turn your marketing goals into your company’s USPs, to ensure maximum ROI at every level. Keep a vigil on your company’s campaign spends, so that there is full accountability for your ad campaign at the end of the year.

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Beating competition - the LocaGlobe way!

As a business, what you need are a loyal set of customers, effective lead conversions and continuous business growth. Our cutting edge solutions will help your business get all of those, without burning a hole in your pocket. But the question is, “How do you know if your marketing program is effectively targeting all your goals?” This is where we step in; we hold your hand and take your business to the heights it deserves.

By tracking every click, every lead and every call, we ensure that your advertising dollars are being utilized in the right manner.

 With LocaGlobe, you can expect the following:

1. Experts in the fields of PPC management, email marketing, and display advertising.

2. Effective lead-tracking technology

3. E-commerce traffic generation and revenue-generating lead opportunities

4. Highly transparent marketing approaches for all our clients

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What's in it for our clients?

•  Marketing speed: Unlike SEO, PPC is easy to market and brings in instant results for individuals and businesses alike.

• Outreach: Expand your outreach with well-defined PPC campaigns targeted at converting visitors to potential customers.

•  Maximize ROI: You pay for your ad, only when someone clicks on it. This way, it is easier to manage costs, track conversions and calculate your ROI.

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We find keywords that can help your ads thrive without too much competition. Organize your budgets the right way, with our business budget friendly campaigns.

Content is the king; the sharper and more relevant the content, the better the chances of conversion. We write ads that present the soul of your business to the clients, making your ads more effective and precise.

Understand your business metrics the way they were supposed to be. We don’t believe in confusing our customers with complex reports and unnecessary algorithms. By keeping the basics simple, and testing variations to get the best resilts.

To get the most out of your PPC campaign, it’s imperative to choose your landing age carefully. When someone clicks on your ad, we ensure your landing pages are a ready to go sales pitch.

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