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We do not want to use a policy GPO setting because we want the user to have the freedom to change the background to something else after they log in if they wish. We simply want their initial Desktop Background to be a specific file and they can change it later if desired. We currently doing this with no problems in previous builds of Windows 10, but we are using CopyProfile in our sysprep file in these builds.

In these builds, I simply sysprep and boot to ‘audit’ mode and set the default background for the built in Administrator account and then any new user does in fact inherit this registry key to use our initial custom desktop background. However, since Microsoft appears to have broken CopyProfile in buildwe are trying to find an easy alternative way to set the initial desktop background that any new user profile will use.

And then the user can change it to a different background if they wish. That key does NOT get inherited when a new user logs in! Here is what I am doing in build But as I said, when a new user logs in, they are NOT inheriting this value! This is most frustrating.

Is there some problem with Windows 10 or build that this registry key does not get copied from the Default User profile hive into a newly created user profile? But more importantly, how are others doing this? I find it hard windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download believe we are the only entity in the world trying to set an initial desktop background, but still allow users to change it to something else! Are other doing something similar, and if so, what are you doing? Windows 10 uses different backgrounds depending on the resolution you use.

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Hi Kate. Thank you for the info. I have to say that looks rather excessive to simply set the initial wallpaper but if there’s no other way to do it now, we’ll give it a try. The frustrating thing is this works fine if I use “CopyProfile” in our sysprep process where we set the wallpaper in the customized administrator account.

This setting gets copied to the Default User profile and new users inherit the WallPaper setting just fine. Of course the Start Menu is messed up now using CopyProfile читать Buildso we’re stuck trying to find some other solution. My solution is to simply directly edit the Default User profile hive and set the WallPaper key, but this registry key is not get inherited by new users that log in.

I did verify the Default User registry key kept its’ setting by running regedit after the computer comes up and I loaded the Default User profile hive and the WallPaper registry key продолжение здесь in fact still set in there, but for download outlook for 10 reason new users are not inheriting this setting when they log in.

Very frustrating. It’s not that windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download key doesn’t get inherited exactly. It’s that some things узнать больше the wallpaper get set to particular values when the shell starts for the first time. As that has already happened for a profile that’s been through copyprofile, it doesn’t happen again.

So, in short, explorer. We handle this via scripting to set the wallpaper after the shell has started and send the relevant windows message to redraw the desktop. This does mean people see the original MS wallpaper briefly on first login, but it fixes itself pretty quickly. I did just see another reference regarding replacing the existing xxxImg0. So I’m now thinking that is not a functional way to even bother trying if Microsoft is just going to come along and посмотреть больше those out in the next build.

Something so basic and simple should not be this complicated to do. We just windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download to give our users an initial desktop wallpaper when they log in and allow them to change it if they wish.

It works just fine using CopyProfile, but Microsoft has managed to screw up CopyProfile in Build and now I’m resorting to ‘stupid pet tricks’ to find a way to do what we’ve been doing the past 2 years using CopyProfile. Can you share the command you use to “refresh the desktop”? Does it work if users are not administrators? I’m wondering if I can perhaps do a ‘first time run’ of a продолжение здесь file to set the registry value for the wallpaper источник статьи the user logs in, and then execute this command after doing that.

It’s not a command as such, it’s a Windows API call. More info here:. In our case, we’re already running an in-house program that generates the wallpaper at the relevant windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download, so it’s fairly trivial for it to also call that function.

There are probably freeware utils that will just call this function if needed. It doesn’t require any particular privileges to run – it’s not doing windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download that admin rights.

Another option would be to enforce a wallpaper with group policy, but presumably you just want to set an initial default but still allow the user to change it if they prefer? Correct, we want to give the users a Desktop Wallpaper as their initial default, but then allow them to change it if they wish.

Hi JS The article that Kate Li referenced is a similar process with taking ownership, resetting file permissions, and copying various files to replace existing files. However, I saw someone reference in the comments of that article that нажмите чтобы прочитать больше they applied a new build, i. I’m curious if this is something that you have encountered, or if after applying a new build your custom ‘default’ image files remained in windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download I also saw a few comments that this did not work on Surface Pro 3 tablets, which we have several Surface Pro tablets in our environment.

Make sure the put the desktop paper on a network folder вот ссылка of your users have the permission to access.

That would apply after the shell has started and although it would change the key, explorer would not redraw the desktop with the new wallpaper as a result until the next logon. It also assumes you’re using the same wallpaper on all devices, with no consideration of different resolutions, aspect ratios etc.

I discord desktop app download windows 10 windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download at doing something similar in logic.

I’ve created a batch file with numerous “reg” commands windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download add registry key settings into the HKCU, one of which is the WallPaper, and also has a command in it to hopefully redraw the desktop screen. I plan to put a shortcut. When a new user logs in, they should inherit this “. The last command in this batch file then in turns deletes the. So in windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download, a new user will windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download in, run the shortcut that executes the batch file.

The batch file will add a bunch of settings and configuration to the users’ profile, redraw the desktop to get the initial desktop wallpaper, and then delete the shortcut so it doesn’t run again for windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download user profile. We are an active directory domain environment, but prefer to accomplish things like this inside the clone image itself, since we do have some computers that are used as stand alone and not on the domain. There are a few minor things that don’t seem to come through with using this approach of setting various registry keys versus using CopyProfile.

Like Windows Explorer doesn’t keep the look and feel and the ribbon bar doesn’t seem to be expanded like we prefer.

And obviously the wallpaper doesn’t come though nearly as easily! Aside from the Wallpaper setting, I have run into an odd problem though in initial testing with this new approach.

After a user logs in and gets their profile generated, when we later delete that user profile from the computer, reboot, and log back in as that user, you’d think since it is essentially a “new” user logging in again it would work the same. But it doesn’t. After logging in this time, that user has all of the Universal Windows Programs missing from the Start Menu.

This is a rather large problem as our techs often delete a user profile when troubleshooting problems for our users. So even if the Wallpaper setting comes through, having a broken Start Menu like this is not desirable. Not sure what the heck is happening to cause this though, or what we can even do about it. Windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download, the best solution for us would be for Microsoft to fix CopyProfile in buildor the next build, as that has worked just fine for us up until now with setting the Wallpaper, custom Start Menu, and other settings.

Perhaps they will fix it in the next build, and if so, we will just узнать больше здесь build But if not, the work I’m doing now will hopefully provide an alternate way to provide a similar user experience in our clone image.

Though the Start Menu problem with deleting the users’ profile is a rather troubling problem. I think that’s a known issue – there are a number of other threads on technet about the profile deletion process not being entirely clean.

Thanks for the info and link Mike. Very much appreciated. It’s not a good issue to have, but at least it’s nice to see it’s a known issue and we’re not the only ones running into this. Really Microsoft, you mess up CopyProfile in build and also this problem windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download I did since find that after the user logs in and the Start Menu is all messed up now with missing all the Universal Apps, if you go through the process of deleting that user profile yet again and reboot and login as that user again, it seems the Windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download Menu comes back with all the Universal apps on it.

But after running into this issue and hearing it’s a known issue, I have to wonder if there isn’t some other unknown things missing windows defender update for windows 10 problems lurking to show themselves in build When build came out and we tested applying it to existing computers running buildwindows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download what happened?

Yep, all the Universal Windows apps were missing from the Start Menu after applying build Needless to say, we aren’t currently updating our computers with build I see you have various questions on configure user profile at once, not just the desktop. You say the copyprofile could be the right way to implement all of these things.

For the Desktop question, I have mentioned microsoft visual studio 2013 end of life free download the RunOnce registry key, you can refer to this guide to do so:. There’s a few things we’ve encountered. With regards to my “p. We do use CopyProfile in this image to provide default settings and also provide a customized Start Menu layout. If we apply the update to these existing computers, after продолжить чтение update installs, we are seeing that the Universal Windows Programs Calculator, Groove, Weather, Microsoft Store, etc.

There are a great many other folks encountering this same issue, some of which aren’t using a clone image at all and are just home users. I have no idea what is causing this problem and if it has anything to do with CopyProfile.

Honestly I don’t see how it’s possible that CopyProfile could cause this because all that really does is copy default settings when in audit mode to the Default User, and that to me is basically the same thing as providing default settings another way without using CopyProfile.

Plus the fact that many other folks at home that windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download use a clone or CopyProfile or anything are running into this issue. My thought is Microsoft has done something in buildbut certainly I’m in no position to speak on this with windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download authority.


Windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download.Changing Desktop Background Wallpaper in Windows through GPO


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Windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download

  Plus! version, Free Version. Auto Dark Automatically change app and system theme mode to light or dark, Yes, No. Auto Wallpaper Changer. However, there are ways of changing the wallpaper setting, such as through Image Preview, To fix this problem automatically, click the Download button. Press Win+R. · Type regedit and hit the Enter button. · Click the Yes button. · Navigate to Policies in HKCU. · Right-click on Policies > New > Key.    

Windows 10 registry wallpaper setting free download

    Oct 25,  · Option Two: Turn Off Compression in the Windows Registry. To turn off wallpaper compression in Windows 10, you’ll have to make a minor change to the Windows Registry. Standard warning: Registry Editor is a powerful tool and misusing it . Download and use 80,+ windows 10 wallpaper stock photos for free. Thousands of new images every day Completely Free to Use High-quality videos and images from Pexels. Aug 21,  · Set Desktop Wallpaper via Registry and GPP. You can set the parameters and the desktop wallpaper image through the registry. The path to the wallpaper image file is stored in the registry parameter Wallpaper (REG_SZ) under the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\ or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows.

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