Microsoft visio 2013 remove shape protection free. Prevent or allow changes to shapes

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Microsoft visio 2013 remove shape protection free Click here to Download

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Microsoft visio 2013 remove shape protection free

  Answer is at below link. In short: add developer to ribbon (File –> Options); select shape, click Developer in ribbon –> Protection. Select a shape in your drawing. On the Developer tab, in the Shape Design group, click Protection. Select the shape attributes that you want to lock, or clear the check boxes for the attributes you want to unlock, and then click OK. › how__turn-off-shape-protection-visio.  

remove shape protection

  Home Help Search Login Register. I’m trying to edit the Master Shape per other online instructions. To allow shapes to be selected again, follow the previous steps, but clear the Shapes check box, and then click OK. Right-click the component, point to Format , and then click Protection. Expand your skills. Thank you! To prevent any changes to an ink shape, lock the shape against selection.    

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