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Download d3doverrider windows 10 Click here to Download
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Download d3doverrider windows 10

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Download d3doverrider windows 10


Last edited by Tikka Qrow ; 23 Nov, pm. I’m fairly certain the triple buffering enabled by Inspector which is through the driver, of course only applies to Open GL applications.

D3DOverrider is needed for Direct X apps. I don’t understand what’s going on here? I installed this D3Doverrider thing, and it did nothing. I was getting minor, minor stutter before the install, and I’m still getting it afterwards.

Here’s what I don’t understand. Some people are saying that this game displays either at 60 or at 30 FPS. Then why has MSI’s frame counter been saying that I’m constantly in the mid’s when I’m in a busy town? Sometimes the counter will drop below 50, into the high 40’s, but almost never does it go below.

I’ve never seen my frames go from 60 right down to So what’s the deal? Skullpuck View Profile View Posts. Skullpuck – It’s a generic option – every profile has it. Don’t take my word for it – this info is readily available. Chik’Tikka – Now that you mention it, I think the guys having trouble with it on my hardware forum are all on Windows 8. Decreasing setings, things seems to be smoother, but not completely stuttering free.

Naruto hiruzen. FPS going from 60 to 40 evertime, it’s so annoying. I’ve tried to set all graphcis option to low, nothing changes. Some days ago I was trying to play this game fully maxed out and I just got fps all the time on GTX and i7 k with extreme stuttering in p.

In short, this game has horrible Physx implementation and incompatibility with both modern hardware and software. So, I have i7 k 4. Honestly I don’t recommend it, you can play the game fine with Physx on Low, just don’t try to set it to High, Very High etc. You’ll get constant fps I know, this is far from constant lol , but ACBF will not be felt smooth. You can’t fix it without force Triple Buffering and Vsync. Run D3DOverrider and disable global profile, you don’t need it.


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